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Mobile Layout

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You can enable a mobile layout for mobile browsers when the Web Dashboard operates in ‘Viewer’ and ‘ViewerOnly’ modes.



The Web Dashboard control has the following requirements to work correctly on the mobile phones:

  • Make sure that all required client libraries are added to the web page.

  • The browser requires a special tag to properly render its content in a mobile browser. Without a viewport meta tag, mobile devices render pages at typical desktop screen widths, and then scale the pages to fit the mobile screens. Setting the viewport enables you to control the width and scaling of the viewport. Include the viewport meta tag in your HTML file inside the <head> block as shown below:

    <meta name="viewport" content="width=device-width, initial-scale=1.0, maximum-scale=1.0, user-scalable=no" />

    The content attribute defines the following options:

    • The page width is set to fit the width of the device’s screen (which varies depending on the device).
    • Users are prevented from zooming and scaling the web page.

Mobile Layout’s Views

Web Dashboard in the mobile layout consists of the following views:




List View

The List view displays all dashboard items used in the current dashboard. The item’s interactivity is disabled. Filter elements are not displayed in the List view (see Dashboard Items Behavior).

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List View

Item View

The Item view displays the selected item. Interactivity is supported. Filter elements are not displayed in the Item view (see Dashboard Items Behavior).

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Item View

Filter Panel

The Filter panel displays filters that are applied to the entire dashboard / dashboard items. Click the Filter button (the icon) in the List view / Item view to see the filters applied to the entire dashboard / dashboard item, respectively. Click the required filter in the Filter panel to open the corresponding filter element and filter data.

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Filter Panel Filter Element

You can register the dashboard panel extension to display a list of available dashboards in a mobile layout and have a capability to switch between them. The Dashboards button is displayed at the top of the control after you register the extension.

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Dashboard Panel

Mobile Layout’s Mode

The MobileLayoutExtension extension allows you to use a mobile layout. A mobile layout is automatically enabled on mobile phones. You can use the MobileLayoutEnabled property to explicitly specify when to enable a mobile layout:

Technology / Framework


ASP.NET Web Forms






Client-Side JavaScript Dashboard Control


See MobileLayoutMode / MobileLayoutMode enumerations to get values that specify a mobile layout mode for the Web Dashboard.

The code below shows how to use the mobile layout both for mobile phones and desktop applications:

<dx:ASPxDashboard ID="ASPxDashboard1" runat="server" MobileLayoutEnabled="Always" WorkingMode="Viewer">

You can completely disable a mobile layout functionality for your Web Dashboard application if you unregister this extension. Call the DashboardControl.unregisterExtension method and pass the extension’s unique name as a parameter:


Mobile layout is detected on the initial dashboard loading. If you use browser’s Device Emulator in DevTools and switch the emulated device, reload the webpage (F5) to apply a mobile layout correctly.

Dashboard Items Behavior

The items listed below are displayed with the following specifics when used in the mobile layout:

  • Grid
    • The Grid always adjusts columns automatically to the minimum width required to completely display its content (the ColumnWidthMode is set to AutoFitToContents).
    • Grid hides columns to adapt the content to the screen or container size. Click the ellipsis button in the Grid’s row to display hidden data inside the adaptive detail row.
    • The default column fit of the sparkline and bars is two times tighter then in a desktop version.
    • Column resizing is disabled.
  • Cards
    • Cards in the mobile layout are always arranged automatically (the ContentArrangementMode property is set to Auto).
  • Filter Elements
    • Filter elements are displayed only in the Filter panel and are hidden in the List and Item views.


You can export only dashboard items and cannot export the entire dashboard when the Web Dashboard displays dashboards on mobile phones.