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Member Icons

This feature supplements each type and type member with a corresponding icon.


The icon appearance depends on the member type (for example, a field, property, or a method) and the access modifier (for example, public or private).

How to Enable

Use one of the following options:

Option 1: Click the “Show member icons” button in the CodeRush Visualize toolbar.

Toolbar Button

Option 2: Enable the “Member Icons” option on the Quick Setup options page.

Quick Setup

Option 3: Check the “Enable member icons” option on the Editor | All Languages | Member Icons options page.

Member Icons Page

Member Icon Menu

You can use the Member Icon menu for the following tasks:

  • Change the access modifier.

  • Cut, Copy, Select, and Comment the member.

  • Access the Jump to and Move to Region features.

Click a member icon to invoke the member icon menu.