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Naming Assistant

The Naming Assistant feature can help you give names to new members, variables, and parameters. The Naming Assistant window automatically opens when you start typing a new name. This window holds a list of naming suggestions.


To interact with the Naming Assistant window, use the mouse or do the following:

  1. Use the Tab key to confirm an initially-selected item;

  2. Use the arrow keys and Tab or Enter key to select the desired option and confirm it;

CodeRush generates a suggestions list from the following data:

  • Identifier names used in the solution and in the current member.
  • The identifier type name.
  • The identifier role (variable, parameter, or member).

The suggestion list is filtered automatically as you type. The filtering algorithm allows you to use word parts and abbreviations.

For example, in the screencast below, typing “mb” filters the suggestions to only show “modelBuilder”.



You can configure the Naming Assistant feature in the Editor | C# (Visual Basic) | Naming Assistant options page.


You can change the default settings: for example, exclude the most frequently used names from a list of naming suggestions.