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String Format Assistant

CodeRush provides IntelliSense for the String.Format and interpolated string format items.


This window displays a list of format specifiers and previews the formatted results produced by each format specifier.



CodeRush supports the String Format Assistant feature for C# and Visual Basic.

To invoke the String Format Assistant window:

  1. Place the caret in the format item portion of the string (for example, “{0}”, “{1}”, etc.);
  2. Type the “:” character or press the default Visual Studio IntelliSense shortcut Ctrl+Space.

To interact with the String Format Assistant window, do one of the following:

  • use the Tab key or Enter key to insert an initially-selected format specifier into your code;

  • use the arrow keys and Tab or Enter key to select the desired format specifier and insert it into your code;

  • use the mouse.

If you continue to type format specifiers, CodeRush filters the list to include items containing the typed characters.