VerticalGridCustomBindingDataArgsBase.Data Property

Gets or sets a list of currently requested model characteristics (depending upon which delegated method is being implemented, it can be a list of data columns, or a list of grouping information objects or a list of calculated summary values).

Namespace: DevExpress.Web.Mvc

Assembly: DevExpress.Web.Mvc5.v20.2.dll


public IEnumerable Data { get; set; }
Public Property Data As IEnumerable

Property Value

Type Description

An object supporting the IEnumerable interface and containing a list of values currently requested to populate the VerticalGrid's custom view model.


The Data property is the main property that must be set when implementing different custom binding method delegates. Refer to Implementation of Typed Method Delegates to learn more.

The following table lists which characteristics need to be defined via the Data property for specific delegate types.

Delegate Type Characteristics to Return
VerticalGridCustomBindingGetDataHandler A list of the requested data columns to be returned from a custom model. Starting position is specified by the VerticalGridCustomBindingGetDataArgs.StartDataColumnIndex property, and the number of columns to return is defined by the VerticalGridCustomBindingGetDataArgs.DataColumnCount property.
VerticalGridCustomBindingGetSummaryValuesHandler A list of summary values calculated for each summary item within the VerticalGridCustomBindingGetSummaryValuesArgs.SummaryItems collection.
VerticalGridCustomBindingGetUniqueHeaderFilterValuesHandler A list of unique values from a data field specified by the VerticalGridCustomBindingGetUniqueHeaderFilterValuesArgs.FieldName property.
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