MVCxGridViewProperties Properties

Contains the properties specific to the GridView that is built in to the ASP.NET MVC GridLookup extension.
Name Description
AccessibilityCompliant Manipulates the built-in GridView's GridSettingsBase.AccessibilityCompliant property.
AutoFilterCellEditorCreate Enables you to assign editors to individual filter row cells.
AutoFilterCellEditorInitialize Enables the cell editors displayed within the auto filter row cells to be initialized.
BeforeColumnSortingGrouping Enables you to perform custom processing before a column is sorted or grouped.
BeforeGetCallbackResult Enables you to perform custom processing after a callback sent by the GridView has been processed on the server, but prior to the time the respective callback result render is formed.
BeforeHeaderFilterFillItems Enables you to provide custom filter items instead of default ones displayed within a header filter.
CallbackRouteValues Manipulates the built-in GridView's GridSettingsBase.CallbackRouteValues property.
Caption Manipulates the built-in GridView's GridViewSettings.Caption property.
CellEditorInitialize Enables the cell editors displayed within the edit cells to be initialized.
ClientLayout Enables you to save and restore the previously saved layout of the built-in GridView.
CommandButtonInitialize Enables individual command column buttons to be initialized.
CustomBindingRouteValuesCollection Manipulates the built-in GridView's GridViewSettings.CustomBindingRouteValuesCollection property.
CustomButtonInitialize Enables you to initialize custom command buttons.
CustomColumnDisplayText Enables custom display text to be provided for any data cell.
CustomColumnGroup Provides the capability to group data using custom rules.
CustomColumnSort Enables you to sort data using custom rules.
CustomDataActionRouteValues Manipulates the built-in GridView's GridSettingsBase.CustomDataActionRouteValues property.
CustomGroupDisplayText Enables you to provide custom content for group rows.
CustomSummaryCalculate Enables you to calculate summary values manually.
CustomUnboundColumnData Enables data to be supplied to unbound columns.
EditFormLayoutProperties Manipulates the built-in ASPxGridView's ASPxGridView.EditFormLayoutProperties property.
EnableCallbackAnimation Manipulates the built-in GridView's GridSettingsBase.EnableCallbackAnimation property.
EnableCallbackCompression Manipulates the built-in GridView's GridSettingsBase.EnableCallbackCompression property.
EnablePagingCallbackAnimation Manipulates the built-in GridView's GridSettingsBase.EnablePagingCallbackAnimation property.
EnablePagingGestures Manipulates the built-in GridView's GridSettingsBase.EnablePagingGestures property.
EnableRowsCache Manipulates the built-in GridView's GridViewSettings.EnableRowsCache property.
FilterControlCustomValueDisplayText Enables you to specify the entered filter value's custom display text to be displayed when the filter control's condition value editor is inactive.
FilterControlOperationVisibility Enables you to dynamically hide operation items (such as the Equals, Contains, etc.) of the Filter Control's operation dropdown menu.
FilterControlParseValue Enables you to process and modify an entered value before it is actually accepted by the filter control.
GroupSummary Manipulates the built-in GridView's GridViewSettings.GroupSummary property.
HeaderFilterFillItems Enables you to add custom filter items to ones displayed within a header filter.
HtmlCommandCellPrepared Enables the settings of individual command column cells to be changed.
HtmlDataCellPrepared Enables the settings of individual cells to be changed.
HtmlEditFormCreated Enables you to perform custom processing when a table row, which corresponds to the Edit Form, has been created.
HtmlFooterCellPrepared Enables the settings of individual footer cells to be changed.
HtmlRowCreated Enables you to perform custom processing when a table row has been created.
HtmlRowPrepared Enables the settings of individual rows to be changed.
InitNewRow Enables you to initialize added rows.
JSProperties Manipulates the built-in ASPxGridView's ASPxGridBase.JSProperties property. Inherited from GridViewProperties.
PreviewEncodeHtml This property is not in effect for the MVCxGridViewProperties class.
PreviewFieldName Manipulates the built-in GridView's GridViewSettings.PreviewFieldName property.
ProcessColumnAutoFilter Enables you to apply custom filter criteria when filter row is in the Auto mode.
ProcessOnClickRowFilter Enables you to apply custom filter criteria when the filter row is in the OnClick mode.
RowValidating Enables you to specify whether row data is valid and whether the row can be updated.
SearchPanelEditorCreate Enables you to replace the default built-in GridView's search panel editor with custom one.
SearchPanelEditorInitialize Enables you to customize the properties of an editor displayed within the built-in GridView's search panel.
Settings Manipulates the built-in GridView's GridViewSettings.Settings property.
SettingsBehavior Manipulates the built-in GridView's GridViewSettings.SettingsBehavior property.
SettingsCommandButton Manipulates the built-in GridView's GridViewSettings.SettingsCommandButton property.
SettingsContextMenu Manipulates the built-in GridView's SettingsContextMenu property.
SettingsCookies Manipulates the built-in GridView's GridViewSettings.SettingsCookies property.
SettingsDataSecurity Manipulates the built-in GridView's GridViewSettings.SettingsDataSecurity property.
SettingsDetail Manipulates the built-in GridView's GridViewSettings.SettingsDetail property.
SettingsEditing Manipulates the built-in GridView's GridViewSettings.SettingsEditing property.
SettingsLoadingPanel Provides access to the loading panel's settings.
SettingsPager Manipulates the built-in GridView's GridViewSettings.SettingsPager property.
SettingsPopup Manipulates the built-in GridView's GridViewSettings.SettingsPopup property.
SettingsResizing Manipulates the built-in grid's GridViewSettings.SettingsResizing property.
SettingsSearchPanel Manipulates the built-in GridView's GridViewSettings.SettingsSearchPanel property.
SettingsText Manipulates the built-in GridView's GridViewSettings.SettingsText property.
SummaryDisplayText Enables custom display text to be provided for any summary value.
SummaryText Manipulates the built-in GridView's GridViewSettings.SummaryText property.
Templates Manipulates the built-in ASPxGridView's ASPxGridView.Templates property. Inherited from GridViewProperties.
Toolbars Manipulates the built-in GridView's GridViewSettings.Toolbars property.
TotalSummary Manipulates the built-in GridView's GridViewSettings.TotalSummary property.
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