GridViewCustomBindingGetSummaryValuesArgs Properties

Provides arguments to implement a method delegate of the GridViewCustomBindingGetSummaryValuesHandler type.
Name Description
Data Gets or sets a list of currently requested model characteristics (depending upon which delegated method is being implemented, it can be a list of data rows, or a list of grouping information objects, or a list of calculated summary values). Inherited from GridViewCustomBindingDataArgsBase.
FilterExpression Gets the filter expression applied to the GridView. Inherited from GridViewCustomBindingArgsBase.
GroupInfoList Gets a list of objects containing information about the group rows (in particular, the field name identifying the corresponding grouped column, the group value - key, and the number of data rows within the group - count). Inherited from GridViewCustomBindingDataArgsBase.
State Gets an object containing information about the current state on the GridView. Inherited from GridViewCustomBindingArgsBase.
SummaryItems Gets a list of summary items which are used within the GridView and whose values must be calculated.
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