CardViewSettings.CustomBindingRouteValuesCollection Property

Defines the callback routing logic by specifying the names of Controllers and Actions that handle callbacks related to CardView data operations such as paging, sorting, and filtering.

Namespace: DevExpress.Web.Mvc

Assembly: DevExpress.Web.Mvc5.v20.2.dll


public Dictionary<CardViewOperationType, object> CustomBindingRouteValuesCollection { get; }
Public ReadOnly Property CustomBindingRouteValuesCollection As Dictionary(Of CardViewOperationType, Object)

Property Value

Type Description
Dictionary<CardViewOperationType, Object>

An object containing the data operation type (identified by CardViewOperationType) and the names of Controllers and Actions.


The CustomBindingRouteValuesCollection property allows you to assign particular handling Actions for three data operations - Paging, Sorting and Filtering. These data operations are specifically exposed to be handled in a custom manner to implement custom data binding of the CardView. These operations are identified by values of the CardViewOperationType enumeration.

Refer to Action Types and Passed Parameters to learn more.

A code sample detailing how to use the CustomBindingRouteValuesCollection property is provided below.

Partial View Code:

    settings => {
            new { Controller = "MyController", Action = "MyPagingAction" }
            new { Controller = "MyController", Action = "MySortingAction" }
            new { Controller = "MyController", Action = "MyFilteringAction" }
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