File Container

The File Container (File List) is the area within a file manager that contains files. The file list can work in one of two modes: detail and thumbnail. The mode can be specified via the FileManagerSettingsFileList.View (via the FileManagerSettings.SettingsFileList.View) property.

Thumbnail View

ASPxFileManager - File Container

Detail View

ASPxFileManager - File2

The element’s appearance style can be specified via the FileManagerStyles.FileContainer (via the FileManagerSettings.Styles.FileContainer) property.

The behavior and appearance of files within a container can be specified via the FileManagerSettings.SettingsFileList property.


If the FileManagerSettings.AllowedFileExtensions (via the FileManagerSettings.Settings.AllowedFileExtensions) property is specified, only files that have extensions allowed by this property are displayed within the file container.