BootstrapClientTreeView.GetNodeByName(name) Method

Returns a node specified by its name.


    name: string
): BootstrapClientTreeViewNode


Name Type Description
name string

A string value specifying the name of the node.


Type Description

A BootstrapClientTreeViewNode object that represents the node with the specified name.


A Tree View control’s client-side functionality allows an individual node to be accessed programmatically. The GetNodeByName method gets a client node object specified by its name. A node’s name is defined by the Name property.

This method searches the specified node amongst all nodes contained by the Tree View control (throughout all nesting levels). Note that if an invalid name is passed via the parameter, this method returns null.

In order to access a particular Tree View node’s child specified by its name, the node’s BootstrapClientTreeViewNode.GetNodeByName method can be used.

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