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ASPxClientSchedulerStorageControl.GetAppointments(onSuccess, interval) Method

Retrieves the collection of appointments that are in the specified time interval and are assigned to the specified resources.


    onSuccess: (arg: string) => void,
    interval: ASPxClientTimeInterval,
    resources?: string[]
): void


Name Type Description
onSuccess (arg: string) => void

A client action to perform if the server round-trip completed successfully.

interval ASPxClientTimeInterval

An ASPxClientTimeInterval object specifying the required time interval.

resources string[]

An array of string values representing the resources’ IDs.


The GetAppointments method returns standard appointments and occurrences (appointments created based upon recurring pattern appointments), that belong to the specified time interval and assigned to the specified resources. If an appointment’s time interval partially overlaps the specified interval, this appointment is also included in the collection returned.

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