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ASPxClientRichEdit Members

A client-side equivalent of the ASPxRichEdit control.


Name Description
commands Provides access to the RichEdit’s client-side commands.
document Provides access to document structural elements.
documentFormat Specifies the format in which the editor prepares the document for saving or export.
documentName Specifies the name of the current document.
documentSaveFormat Specifies the format in which the editor prepares the document for saving.
fileName Specifies the name of the saved/downloaded file.
layout Provides access to a document’s layout functionality.
loadingPanel Provides access to settings related to a loading panel functionality.
name Gets the unique, hierarchically-qualified identifier for the control. Inherited from ASPxClientControlBase.
requestSettings Allows you to access request settings.
scroll Provides access to a document’s scroll functionality.
selection Provides access to the client methods that change the selection.
unitConverter Gets a unit converter.


Name Description
AdjustControl Modifies the control’s size against the control’s container. Inherited from ASPxClientControl.
AdjustControls static Modifies the controls size within the specified container. Inherited from ASPxClientControl.
Cast(obj) static Converts the specified object to the ASPxClientRichEdit type.
DownloadPdf Downloads the current document as a PDF file.
ExportToPdf Exports the current document to PDF and invokes the PdfExported event.
Focus Sets input focus to the RichEdit.
GetClientVisible Obsolete. Returns a value specifying whether a control is displayed. Inherited from ASPxClientControlBase.
GetControlCollection static Returns a collection of client web control objects. Inherited from ASPxClientControl.
GetHeight Returns the control’s height. Inherited from ASPxClientControl.
GetMainElement Returns an HTML element that is the root of the control’s hierarchy. Inherited from ASPxClientControlBase.
GetParentControl Returns a client instance of the control that is the parent for a specified control. Inherited from ASPxClientControlBase.
GetRibbon Provides access to an object implementing the RichEdit’s ribbon UI.
GetVisible Returns a value specifying whether a control is displayed. Inherited from ASPxClientControlBase.
GetWidth Returns the control’s width. Inherited from ASPxClientControl.
HasUnsavedChanges Indicates whether any unsaved changes are contained in the current document.
InCallback Returns a value that determines whether a callback request sent by a web control is being currently processed on the server side. Inherited from ASPxClientControlBase.
PerformCallback(parameter) Sends a callback to the server and generates the server-side ASPxRichEdit.Callback event, passing it the specified argument.
ReconnectToExternalRibbon Reconnects the RichEdit to an external ribbon.
SendMessageToAssistiveTechnology(message) Specifies the text that Assistive Technologies (screen readers or braille display, for example) will provide to a user. Inherited from ASPxClientControlBase.
SetClientVisible(visible) Obsolete. Specifies whether a control is displayed. Inherited from ASPxClientControlBase.
SetFullscreenMode(fullscreen) Enables you to switch the full-screen mode of the Rich Text Editor.

Specifies the control’s height. Note that this method is not in effect for some controls.

Inherited from ASPxClientControl.
SetVisible(visible) Specifies whether a control is displayed. Inherited from ASPxClientControlBase.
SetWidth(width) Specifies the control’s width in pixels. Inherited from ASPxClientControl.


Name Description
ActiveSubDocumentChanged Occurs when the active sub-document is substituted with another sub-document.
AutoCorrect Fires when text is typed in the control.
BeginCallback Occurs when a callback for server-side processing is initiated.
BeginSynchronization Fires after a client change has been made to the document and the client-server synchronization starts to apply the change on the server.
CallbackError Fires on the client if any server error occurs during server-side processing of a callback sent by the RichEdit.
CharacterPropertiesChanged Occurs when the characters’ formatting is changed.
ContentInserted Occurs when content is inserted into the document.
ContentRemoved Occurs when content is removed from the document.
CustomCommandExecuted Occurs after a custom command has been executed on the client side.
DocumentChanged Fires if any change is made to the RichEdit’s document on the client.
DocumentFormatted Occurs on the client side when a document layout is formatted.
DocumentLoaded Occurs on the client side when a document model is loaded into the control.
EndCallback Occurs on the client side after a callback’s server-side processing has been completed.
EndSynchronization Fires after a document change has been applied to the server and server and client document models have been synchronized.
FloatingObjectMoved Fires after a floating object has been moved and allows you to change the object’s new position.
GotFocus Occurs when the control receives focus.
HyperlinkClick Occurs when a hyperlink is activated within the document.
Init Occurs on the client side after the control has been initialized. Inherited from ASPxClientControlBase.
KeyDown Occurs when a key is pressed while the ASPxRichEdit‘s document has focus.
KeyUp Occurs when a key is released while the ASPxRichEdit‘s document has focus.
LostFocus Occurs when the control loses focus.
ParagraphPropertiesChanged Occurs when a paragraph’s formatting is changed.
PointerDown Occurs when a pointer becomes active.
PointerUp Occurs when a pointer stops being active.
PopupMenuShowing Occurs when a pop-up menu is about to be shown.
SelectionChanged Occurs when the selection is changed within the document.
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