ASPxClientHtmlEditorInsertFlashCommandArguments.quality Property

Defines the rendering quality level used for the target flash element.


quality: string

Property Value

Type Description

A string value that specifies the target flash element rendering quality.


The following values are valid for this property.

  • "low": favors playback speed over appearance and never uses anti-aliasing.
  • "autolow": emphasizes speed at first but improves appearance whenever possible. Playback begins with anti-aliasing turned off. If Flash Player detects that the processor can handle it, anti-aliasing is turned on.
  • "autohigh": emphasizes playback speed and appearance equally at first but sacrifices appearance for playback speed if necessary. Playback begins with anti-aliasing turned on. If the actual frame rate drops below the specified frame rate, anti-aliasing is turned off to improve playback speed.
  • "medium": applies some anti-aliasing and does not smooth bitmaps. It produces a better quality than the "low" option, but lower quality than the "high" option.
  • "high": favors appearance over playback speed and always applies anti-aliasing. If the movie does not contain animation, bitmaps are smoothed; if the movie has animation, bitmaps are not smoothed.
  • "best": provides the best display quality and does not consider playback speed. All output is anti-aliased and all bitmaps are smoothed.
// Inserting a new flash element at the current cursor position
var args = new ASPxClientHtmlEditorInsertFlashCommandArguments(htmlEditor);
args.allowFullscreen = false;
args.autoPlay = true;
args.enableFlashMenu = false;
args.loop = false;
args.quality = "best";
args.src = "/Content/SampleFlash.swf";
htmlEditor.ExecuteCommand(args.GetCommandName(), args);
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