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ASPxClientHtmlEditorInsertFlashCommandArguments Class

Contains settings related to the ASPxClientCommandConsts.INSERTFLASH_COMMAND command parameter.


declare class ASPxClientHtmlEditorInsertFlashCommandArguments extends ASPxClientHtmlEditorChangeMediaElementCommandArguments


When the ASPxClientHtmlEditor.ExecuteCommand method is used to execute the ASPxClientCommandConsts.INSERTFLASH_COMMAND command manually, it requires an additional parameter of the ASPxClientHtmlEditorInsertFlashCommandArguments type.

To create an instance of this class, use the ASPxClientHtmlEditorInsertFlashCommandArguments constructor. Specify all required properties of the newly created object and pass the resulting parameter to the ASPxClientHtmlEditor.ExecuteCommand method.

// Inserting a new flash element at the current cursor position
var args = new ASPxClientHtmlEditorInsertFlashCommandArguments(htmlEditor);
args.allowFullscreen = false;
args.autoPlay = true;
args.enableFlashMenu = false;
args.loop = false;
args.quality = "best";
args.src = "/Content/SampleFlash.swf";
htmlEditor.ExecuteCommand(args.GetCommandName(), args);
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