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ASPxClientHtmlEditorChangeFlashCommandArguments Class

Contains settings related to the ASPxClientCommandConsts.CHANGEFLASH_COMMAND command parameter.


declare class ASPxClientHtmlEditorChangeFlashCommandArguments extends ASPxClientHtmlEditorInsertFlashCommandArguments


When the ASPxClientHtmlEditor.ExecuteCommand method is used to execute the ASPxClientCommandConsts.CHANGEFLASH_COMMAND command manually, it requires an additional parameter of the ASPxClientHtmlEditorChangeFlashCommandArguments type.

To create an instance of this class, pass the flash element you want to change to the ASPxClientHtmlEditor.CreateChangeMediaElementCommandArguments method. It creates an object containing properties of the passed flash element. Then, you can change the required properties and pass the resulting parameter to the ASPxClientHtmlEditor.ExecuteCommand method.

// Changing the selected flash element's dimensions and alignment
var flash = htmlEditor.GetSelection().GetSelectedElement();
var args = htmlEditor.CreateChangeMediaElementCommandArguments(flash);
args.align = "center";
args.styleSettings.width = "400px";
args.styleSettings.height = "100px";
htmlEditor.ExecuteCommand(args.GetCommandName(), args);
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