MVCxGridViewLayoutItemCollection<ModelType>.AddTabbedGroupItem<ValueType>(Expression<Func<ModelType, ValueType>>, Action<MVCxGridViewTabbedLayoutGroup<ModelType>>) Method

Adds a tabbed layout group to the MVCxGridViewLayoutItemCollection<ModelType> collection and binds this item to the specified Model field.

Namespace: DevExpress.Web.Mvc

Assembly: DevExpress.Web.Mvc5.v19.2.dll


public MVCxGridViewTabbedLayoutGroup<ModelType> AddTabbedGroupItem<ValueType>(
    Expression<Func<ModelType, ValueType>> expression,
    Action<MVCxGridViewTabbedLayoutGroup<ModelType>> method
Public Function AddTabbedGroupItem(Of ValueType)(
    expression As Expression(Of Func(Of ModelType, ValueType)),
    method As Action(Of MVCxGridViewTabbedLayoutGroup(Of ModelType))
) As MVCxGridViewTabbedLayoutGroup(Of ModelType)


Name Type Description
expression Expression<Func<ModelType, ValueType>>

An expression that identifies the object that contains the properties to edit or display.

method Action<MVCxGridViewTabbedLayoutGroup<ModelType>>

A delegate method that accepts MVCxTabbedFormLayoutGroup<ModelType> as a parameter.

Type Parameters

Name Description


Type Description

An MVCxGridViewTabbedLayoutGroup<ModelType> object that is the newly added tabbed layout group.


Use the AddTabbedGroupItem<ValueType> method to add a customized tabbed layout group bound to the specified Model field.

Refer to the Binding to Data and Item Manipulation topics to learn more.

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