MVCxFormLayoutItemCollection<ModelType>.AddTabbedGroupItem<ValueType>(Expression<Func<ModelType, ValueType>>, Action<MVCxTabbedFormLayoutGroup<ModelType>>) Method

Adds a tabbed layout group to the MVCxFormLayoutItemCollection<ModelType> collection and binds this tabbed group to the specified Model field.

Namespace: DevExpress.Web.Mvc

Assembly: DevExpress.Web.Mvc5.v19.2.dll


public MVCxTabbedFormLayoutGroup<ModelType> AddTabbedGroupItem<ValueType>(
    Expression<Func<ModelType, ValueType>> expression,
    Action<MVCxTabbedFormLayoutGroup<ModelType>> method
Public Function AddTabbedGroupItem(Of ValueType)(
    expression As Expression(Of Func(Of ModelType, ValueType)),
    method As Action(Of MVCxTabbedFormLayoutGroup(Of ModelType))
) As MVCxTabbedFormLayoutGroup(Of ModelType)


Name Type Description
expression Expression<Func<ModelType, ValueType>>

An expression that identifies the object that contains the properties to edit or display.

method Action<MVCxTabbedFormLayoutGroup<ModelType>>

A delegate method that accepts MVCxTabbedFormLayoutGroup<ModelType> as a parameter.

Type Parameters

Name Description


Type Description

An MVCxTabbedFormLayoutGroup<ModelType> object that is the newly added tabbed layout group.


Use the AddTabbedGroupItem<ValueType> method to add a customized tabbed layout group bound to the specified Model field.

Refer to the Binding to Data and Item Manipulation topics to learn more.


The code sample below demonstrates how to add a customized tabbed layout group with items bound to the specified Model field to the FormLayout extension.

@Html.DevExpress().FormLayout(settings =>
    settings.Name = "FormLayout1";

    //Adding a bound to a Model field layout group with layout items
    settings.Items.AddTabbedGroupItem(m => m.Contacts, g => 
        //Adding bound to Model fields layout items
        g.Items.Add(i => i.Contacts.Phone);
        g.Items.Add(i => i.Contacts.Email);
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