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Client API

The ASP.NET Rich Text Editor provides a comprehensive API, allowing you to manipulate the open document programmatically on the client side. The available client manipulation API is exposed through the following properties.

  • ASPxClientRichEdit.document

    Provides access to structures allowing you to obtain the current information about certain document structural elements (such as sections, active sub-document, styles for characters, paragraphs and tables, and etc.).

    To learn more, see Document Model Information.

  • ASPxClientRichEdit.selection

    Provides access to a set of methods allowing you to position the cursor within a document and to select document content elements.

    To learn more, see Client Selection.

  • ASPxClientRichEdit.commands

    Provides access to client commands allowing you to programmatically accomplish virtually any task within a document (such as inserting characters, paragraphs, tables and pictures, changing element formatting, creating numbered lists, etc.).

    To learn more, see Client Commands.

Online Demo

Rich Text Editor - Client Command API