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ASPxRichEdit Control

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The ASPxRichEdit control implements the main Rich Text Editor functionality and is available on the DX.18.2: Common Controls toolbox tab in the Microsoft Visual Studio IDE.


In the Visual Studio Designer, the ASPxRichEdit control looks just as the image below illustrates.


Ribbon UI

The ASPxRichEdit control provides a ribbon that allows end users to edit documents. Based upon the ASPxRichEdit.RibbonMode property setting, the Rich Text Editor can operate in the following modes:

  • Built-in ribbon
  • Built-in one-line toolbar
  • External ASPxRibbon control
  • No ribbon

See the Rich Text Editor - Ribbon Customization demo to try different ribbon-based UI modes in action.

Developer API

Server-Side API

You can modify a document on the server side with a non-visual cross-platform .NET library Office File API.

Client-Side API

The Rich Text Editor provides a comprehensive client API, allowing you to manipulate the open document programmatically on the client side. (See demo...)

Document Processing

When the Rich Text Editor loads a document, the Document Model is built. The Document Model is transformed into the Document Layout. The Rich Text Editor renders and displays the layout. Therefore, a document exists only in its native Rich Text Editor representation.

For more information on the document structure and on the interaction between a model and a layout, refer to the Document Structure article.