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The ASPxRichEdit introduces two types of protections that can be used to restrict a user's ability to modify a document - operation restrictions and document restrictions.

Operation Restrictions

Documents can be protected by disabling specific Rich Editor functions. Some options prevent printing, copying or editing of documents. They can be specified using the ASPxRichEditSettings.Behavior property, accessible by the ASPxRichEdit.Settings.Behavior notation.

Commands such as Copy, Cut, Paste, Drag, Drop, Open, Save, and Print can be selectively disabled or hidden. The context menu can be disabled.

Document Restrictions

Character/paragraph formatting, inline images, hyperlinks, section and numbering functionality can be permited or denied. If a document is loaded after certain restrictions are applied, the corresponding characteristics are set to default and corresponding objects are not created.

Document restrictions can be specified using the ASPxRichEditSettings.DocumentCapabilities property, accessible by the ASPxRichEdit.Settings.DocumentCapabilities notation.