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Tag Inspector

The Tag Inspector allows end-users to navigate through the tag hierarchy, remove tags, and customize tag properties using the Change Element Properties dialog.

The Tag Inspector is displayed when the design view area is active, provided the ASPxHtmlEditorSettings.ShowTagInspector property is set to true.


The image below demonstrates the Tag Inspector in detail.


The table below lists the main members that affect element appearance.

Elements Members
Tag style HtmlEditorTagInspectorStyles.Tag
Separator image HtmlEditorImages.TagInspectorSeparator
Ellipsis style HtmlEditorTagInspectorStyles.Ellipsis
Selected tag container style HtmlEditorTagInspectorStyles.SelectedTagContainer
Selected tag style HtmlEditorTagInspectorStyles.SelectedTag
Remove element button image HtmlEditorImages.TagInspectorRemoveElementButton
Change element button image HtmlEditorImages.TagInspectorChangeElementButton