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WebPropertyEditor.BreakLinksToControl(Boolean) Method

Unsubscribes from the control's events and, depending on the parameter, also disposes of the control and removes the link to the control.

Namespace: DevExpress.ExpressApp.Web.Editors

Assembly: DevExpress.ExpressApp.Web.v19.1.dll


public override void BreakLinksToControl(
    bool unwireEventsOnly
Public Overrides Sub BreakLinksToControl(
    unwireEventsOnly As Boolean


Name Type Description
unwireEventsOnly Boolean

true to only unsubscribe from events, false to also dispose of the control and remove the link to the control.


This method supports the internal infrastructure. You do not need to call this method manually in most cases.

You can override this method in WebPropertyEditor descendants to dispose of custom recourses.

Examples on how to override this method are provided in the following topics:

When the page life cycle is finished, the rendering results are sent to the browser. The server side processing is always finished before you can see changes in your browser. The BreakLinksToControl method is executed on the server side and allows you to unsubscribe control events and release resources.

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