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.NET Framework 4.5.2+

ShowViewStrategyBase.ShowViewInPopupWindow(View, Action, Action, String, String) Method

Shows the specified View in a popup dialog with OK and Cancel buttons in WinForms and ASP.NET applications.

Namespace: DevExpress.ExpressApp

Assembly: DevExpress.ExpressApp.v19.2.dll


public void ShowViewInPopupWindow(
    View view,
    Action okDelegate = null,
    Action cancelDelegate = null,
    string okButtonCaption = null,
    string cancelButtonCaption = null


Name Type Description
view View

A View to be shown in a popup.

Optional Parameters

Name Type Default Description
okDelegate Action


A Action delegate to be executed when the OK button is clicked. This parameter is optional.

cancelDelegate Action


A Action delegate to be executed when the Cancel button is clicked. This parameter is optional.

okButtonCaption String


A string specifying the custom caption of the OK button. This parameter is optional.

cancelButtonCaption String


A string specifying the custom caption of the Cancel button. This parameter is optional.



The ShowViewInPopupWindow method displays the dialog containing the specified View and two buttons - OK and Cancel. Both these buttons close the dialog. Additionally, if the okDelegate and cancelDelegate handlers are specified, they are executed when the corresponding button is clicked.

using DevExpress.ExpressApp;
using DevExpress.ExpressApp.Actions;
using DevExpress.ExpressApp.DC;

// ...
public class MyDialogController : ViewController {
    public MyDialogController() {
        var action = new SimpleAction(this, "Email", "View");
        action.Execute += Action_Execute;
    private void Action_Execute(object sender, SimpleActionExecuteEventArgs e) {
        var objectSpace = Application.CreateObjectSpace(typeof(MyDialog));
        var myDialogObject = new MyDialog("Do you want to send an email?");
        var dialogView = Application.CreateDetailView(objectSpace, myDialogObject);
            () => {
                Application.ShowViewStrategy.ShowMessage("You've got mail.");
            () => {
                Application.ShowViewStrategy.ShowMessage("Nothing happened.");

public class MyDialog {
    public MyDialog(string message) {
        this.Message = message;
    public string Message { get; private set; }

You can also use a PopupWindowShowAction to show a Views in a popup window. The Add an Action that Displays a Pop-up Window article describes this approach in detail.


ASP.NET applications have certain specifics:

  • The ShowViewInPopupWindow method can be used on XafCallbackManager callbacks initiated by the RaiseXafCallback script. It cannot be used on callbacks of controls (e.g., grid sorting).
  • It is not possible to pause the current request to wait for user input.
  • Main window is not refreshed when the Cancel button is clicked.
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