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ModuleBase.AddGeneratorUpdaters(ModelNodesGeneratorUpdaters) Method

Registers the Generator Updaters. These are classes, used to customize the Application Model‘s zero layer after it has been generated.

Namespace: DevExpress.ExpressApp

Assembly: DevExpress.ExpressApp.v18.2.dll


public virtual void AddGeneratorUpdaters(
    ModelNodesGeneratorUpdaters updaters


Name Type Description
updaters DevExpress.ExpressApp.Model.Core.ModelNodesGeneratorUpdaters

A ModelNodesGeneratorUpdaters object providing access to the list of Generator Updaters.


Override this method and add one or more Generator Updaters (the ModelNodesGeneratorUpdater<T> descendants) in it. The updaters parameter exposes the Add method, allowing you to register an Updater.

public override void AddGeneratorUpdaters(ModelNodesGeneratorUpdaters updaters) {
    updaters.Add(new MyGeneratorUpdater1());
    updaters.Add(new MyGeneratorUpdater2());
    // ...

To see a full example for implementing the Generator Updaters classes and registering them via this method, refer to the How to: Create Additional ListView Nodes in Code using a Generator Updater topic.

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