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Runtime Language Switcher

The Language Switcher is displayed in:

  • The login page

    localization ASP.NET Core Blazor login page language switcher

  • The settings menu

    localization ASP.NET Core Blazor settings language switcher

To enable the runtime language switcher, set the DevExpress: ExpressApp: ShowLanguageSwitcher value to True in appsettings.json:

"DevExpress": { 
    "ExpressApp": { 
        "Languages": "en;de", 
        "ShowLanguageSwitcher": true,  

The Languages section must contain at least 2 supported languages. These languages will be displayed in the Language switcher’s drop-down list.

The language name is retrieved from CultureInfo.NativeName.


The runtime language switcher requires that IModelApplication.PreferredLanguage is set to (User language).

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