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Non-XAF UI Scenarios

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As a registered user, you are entitled to a free copy of .NET Role-based Access Control & Permission Management API powered by Entity Framework (EF Core) and DevExpress eXpressPersistent Objects ORM. For more information on this offer, refer to the following page: .NET App Security API (Role-based Access Control) – Free Offer from DevExpress.


The following tutorials demonstrate how to use .NET Role-based Access Control & Permission Management API in your non-XAF application:

Microsoft Entity Framework Core

DevExpress XPO

We detailed the universal integration steps for any .NET app in this video.

Prerequisites to Run the Demos

  • Visual Studio 2022 v17.0+ with the following workloads:
    • .NET desktop development | ASP.NET and web development | .NET Core cross-platform development
  • Download and run the Unified Component Installer or add the NuGet feed URL to Visual Studio NuGet feeds.
    • We recommend that you select all products when you run the DevExpress installer. It will register local NuGet package sources and item/project templates required for these tutorials. You can uninstall unnecessary components later.
    • For the .NET Framework examples, you need to install DevExpress products with the installer.

For video tutorials, refer to our .NET App Security & Web API Service Video Series on YouTube.

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