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LoadChildItemsForCollapsedNodes Variable

Specifies whether to load child nodes in the field list before the node is expanded.


export var LoadChildItemsForCollapsedNodes: (newVal?: boolean) => boolean;


(newVal?: boolean) => boolean


The property affects the Report Designer’s field list. When this property is true (default value), the control loads the child nodes before the parent item is expanded. When the user expands an item, child items are already loaded and the delay is minimized. However, this behavior increases memory usage and can result in higher response times when the field list contains many nested items. In this situation, handle the BeforeRender event and set the DevExpress.Analytics.Widgets.TreeList.LoadChildItemsForCollapsedNodes property to false.


When this setting is false, the Field List displays expand buttons for all data sources, even if the data source does not have inner fields.