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Custom SQL Query in the Report Designer

  • 2 minutes to read

This document describes how to allow users to edit SQL query text in the End-User Report Designer‘s Data Source Wizard.


For security reasons, do not allow users to edit SQL queries if there is a chance that untrusted parties can access your reporting application. Refer to the following topic for more information: Data Access Security.

How to Enable Custom SQL

Specify the ReportDesigner component’s EnableCustomSql property to allow users to edit SQL queries:

<dxrud:ReportDesigner Name="reportDesigner">  
        <dxda:DataSourceWizardSettings SqlWizardSettings="{dxda:SqlWizardSettings EnableCustomSql=True}" />  

Edit SQL in the Data Source Wizard

  1. Load a report in the Report Designer or create a new report bound to an SQL data source. In the Report Explorer window, select Manage Queries:

  2. In the Manage Queries window, click the ellipsis button to edit the selected query:

  3. You can edit the query in the invoked Query Editor window:

  4. If you enter a non-select query, the following error is displayed when you click Next:

Edit SQL in the Query Builder

Invoke the Data Source Wizard and navigate to the query creation page. On this page, click the Queries category’s plus button to create a new query in the Query Builder.

The Allow Edit SQL option is now available in the Query Builder. If a user switches to this mode, the visual features of the Query Builder are disabled in favor of the specified SQL string value.