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Report Design Analyzer

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The Report Design Analyzer shows errors, warnings, and information messages that help you and your end users to detect and fix issues in a report.

Report Design Analyzer (WinForms)

Watch Video: Avoid Mistakes in Report Creation with the Help of Report Design Analyzer

Invoke the Report Design Analyzer

Do one of the following to invoke the Report Design Analyzer:

  • Select Report Design Analyzer from the Windows drop-down menu in the View toolbar tab.

    Invoke the analyzer from a toolbar

  • Click the bell icon in the status bar.

    Invoke the analyzer using the bell icon

Fix Issues

Each message contains a recommendation on how to fix an issue. Click the Plus icon in front of the message to expand the recommendation.

Expand analyzer message

The Source column contains a reference to the control or script that caused the issue. Click the reference to navigate to this control or script.

Navigate to a control

See the following topic for the list of messages that can appear in the Report Design Analyzer: Errors, Warnings, and Information Messages.

Filter Messages by Source

Based on their source, report errors are divided into four groups:

  • Report layout errors – occur, for example, when report controls overlap each other or extend beyond the report’s printable area.
  • Report creation errors – occur while the report document is created. For instance, it might include notifications about invalid property values or unreachable sources of content.
  • Report export errors – happen while the report document is exported to PDF, XLSX, and other formats.
  • Report script errors – for example, errors in script syntax.

When you invoke a WinForms Reporting application, the Report Design Analyzer displays messages from all sources except messages that belong to the Report script errors source.

You can disable messages that belong to a particular source:

Filter messages by source

For more information on report scripts, their security, and how to enable them in the End-User Report Designer, refer to the following topic: Use Report Scripts.

Filter Messages by Type

You can enable/disable messages of each available type (“Error”, “Warning”, or “Information”) or any combination of them. Click the panel in the UI as shown in the image below to enable/disable messages of a corresponding type.

Filter messages by type

Specify Custom Default Settings

You can specify custom default settings for the Report Design Analyzer. For example, you can enable or disable the following items:

For more information, refer to the description of the following class: DesignAnalyzerOptions.