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Localize Reports in the End-User Report Designer

  • 2 minutes to read

This document describes how to use the End-User Report Designer to localize a report for different target languages and cultures.

To localize a report, open it in the End-User Report Designer and specify a report language other than the Default. Change the text, sizes, and locations of the reporting controls and save the report. All language-specific changes are saved with the report. When a Document Viewer loads a localized report, the document contains modifications that match the application’s culture.

Perform the following actions to localize a report:

  1. In the End-User Report Designer Ribbon switch to the View tab and select the language in the drop-down list in the Localization group.


  2. Set the Show Localizable Properties option to display only localizable properties in the Properties window.


  3. Edit the report layout and change the controls’ property values. You can move and resize a control.


  4. Click the dialog box launcher to invoke the Localization Editor. It allows you to change text strings in the report and expedite the translation process.

  5. Save the report. Localized values are stored in the REPX file.

When you load a localized report, use the Language drop-down list in the View ribbon tab, Localization group to switch to the localized version.


Review the Localize Reports article for more information.