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Register Custom Report Parameter Types

You can enable end users to create custom parameter types in an End-User Report Designer for WinForms.

Do the following to enable this feature:

  1. Create a custom report design extension inherited from the ReportDesignExtension class.
  2. In this descendant, override the ReportDesignExtension.AddParameterTypes method to register custom parameter types.
  3. Register a custom extension using the ReportDesignExtension.RegisterExtension method.
  4. Assign the required report to the created extension by calling the ReportDesignExtension.AssociateReportWithExtension method.

As a result, the created parameter types become available for the specified report in the Report Designer:


See the following articles for online code samples:


See How to: Serialize Parameters of Custom Types to learn how to serialize custom parameter types along with a report definition to an XML file.