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IMapDataAdapter Members

If implemented by a class, provides methods required for a VectorItemsLayer to operate with data.


Name Description
Clusterer Gets or sets the clusterer used to clusterize map items.
Count Gets the number of items in the data adapter.
DefaultMapItemType Specifies the type of map items to be used by default when generating items from a data source.
IsReady Returns a value indicating whether or not all data has been loaded for the data adapter and thus, the data adapter is ready for rendering.
Items Provides access to the collection of data adapter items.
SourceItems Returns a source collection of MapItem objects.


Name Description
GetItem(Int32) Returns the item at the specified position.
GetItemBySourceObject(Object) Gets a map item by the source object.
GetItemSourceObject(MapItem) Gets a source object for a map item.
GetLayer() Returns the layer associated with this data adapter.
IsCSCompatibleTo(MapCoordinateSystem) Returns the value indicating is the coordinate system of an adapter is compatible with coordinate system of a map control.
LoadData(IMapItemFactory) Loads data using the specified factory.
OnClustered() Called after the clusterization is finished.
OnViewportUpdated(MapViewport) Called every time the viewport changed.
SetLayer(MapItemsLayerBase) Sets the association between the specified layer and this data adapter.


Name Description
DataChanged Occurs when data is changed.
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