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This document describes the purpose of layers, and the types of layers used in a Map Control.

Layers draw data on a map and are stored in a LayerCollection returned by the MapControl.Layers property.

There are several types of layers.

  • ImageTilesLayer

    This layer should be used to draw maps that consist of image tiles. These image tiles are obtained by the ImageTilesLayer from one of the supported data providers - either Bing Maps or OpenStreetMap. The type of the current data provider is defined by the type of the object assigned to the ImageTilesLayer.DataProvider property of the layer.

    Below is a screenshot of map images provided by Bing Maps for the ImageTilesLayer object.


  • VectorItemsLayer

    This layer should be used to draw vector elements on a map. These elements include predefined or custom items.

    The image below illustrates a map with a vector items layer containing map custom elements.


  • VectorFileLayer

    This layer should be used to draw shapes on a map loaded from one of the supported shape file formats (Shapefile or KML).

    To do this, it is necessary to assign an appropriate file reader to the VectorFileLayer.FileReader property and specify the file reader’s MapFileReaderBase.FileSource property value.

    The following image shows a map based on vector items loaded from a Shapefile.


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