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Debug Actions

Debug actions help troubleshoot your apps during test execution.

Action icon Debug

Action icon Set Test Speed


Corresponding TestCafe API method: t.debug().

The debug action pauses test execution. During the pause, you can safely examine the page with developer tools. See the article on debugging for more information on the proper use of the debug action.

Set Test Speed

Corresponding TestCafe API method: t.setTestSpeed().

TestCafe executes page actions at max speed unless you explicitly change test execution speed. High test execution speeds save time, but can yield hard-to-follow test recordings. Lower test execution speeds let you follow complex page action sequences, which can be useful for debugging.

TestCafe accepts speed values between 0.01 and 1. The default speed is 1 - the highest possible speed. Speed scales proportionally – a speed of 0.5 is two times slower than the highest possible speed.

Adjust the default test speed in the Advanced Options section of the Run configurations dialog. Use the setTestSpeed action to change test execution speed on the fly.

Parameter Type Description
Test Speed Number Relative test speed. Maximum value: 1 Minimum value: 0.01.

Additional Debug Actions

Read the TestCafe framework debugging guide to learn about additional debugging actions and strategies.