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DevExpress Popup Dialog for Xamarin.Forms

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Microsoft will end Xamarin-related support services on May 1, 2024 and shift development focus to the .NET MAUI platform.

Based on Microsoft’s decision, we highly recommend those using Xamarin.Forms to consider our .NET MAUI Component Suite for existing/new mobile projects. DevExpress .NET MAUI Popup Control supports many of the features/capabilities available in Xamarin.Forms Popup Control.

Please refer to the following help topic when you are ready to migrate your DevExpress Xamarin.Forms-based application to .NET MAUI: Migration from Xamarin.Forms to .NET MAUI.

The DevExpress Popup for Xamarin.Forms allows you to request additional information from a user and/or display app notifications.

DevExpress Popup for Xamarin.Forms

Download and install the DevExpress.XamarinForms.Editors package from the DevExpress NuGet Gallery to obtain the DXPopup component.

View Example: DevExpress Mobile UI for Xamarin.Forms Download: Xamarin.Forms UI Controls and Demo Center Read Tutorial: Get Started with DevExpress Popup for Xamarin.Forms

This topic demonstrates UI elements that can be implemented with the DXPopup.


You can use the DXPopup to display an alert or notification. An alert is displayed in the center of the screen and prevents interaction with the application. The image below demonstrates an alert displayed in the DevExpress Stock Market Demo App.


View Example: DevExpress Stock Market Demo App

Action Sheet

This visual element contains a set of actions that the user can perform on the selected element. Action sheets are typically displayed at the bottom of the screen. The image below demonstrates how an action sheet is implemented in the Dialog module of the Demo Center.

Action Sheet

Context Menu

You can also use the DXPopup as a context menu. In this case, it can be displayed next to another view. The image below demonstrates the Context Menu module in the Demo Center.

Context Menu