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Use DevExpress Assemblies on a Build Server

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This article explains how to use DevExpress assemblies on a build server.

Licensing DevExpress Assemblies for a Build Server

DevExpress licenses its products on a per-developer basis. The DevExpress End-User License Agreement requires that every engineer who develops or builds with DevExpress controls and libraries has a valid personal license. Under this license, a developer can install DevExpress products on multiple machines if the developer is the only person working on them.

Considering this, you can install DevExpress on your build servers with your personal credentials.

Add DevExpress Assemblies to a Build Server

You can deliver the DevExpress assemblies to a build server in two ways:

Use NuGet

You can use the DevExpress NuGet server to add DevExpress libraries to your application. Follow these articles to get started with the DevExpress NuGet server:

DevExpress do not provide a dedicated feed for build servers. Use your personal NuGet feed to install NuGet packages on a build server.

DevExpress NuGet Packages in CI Systems

You can use DevExpress NuGet Packages in Continuous Integration (CI) systems. The NuGet packages don’t need installation and component registration. They do not affect the build machine’s Global Assembly Cache (GAC).

More information: Integrate NuGet to Popular Continuous Integration Systems.

Copy DevExpress Assemblies to the “bin” Folder

You can place the required DevExpress assemblies in your project’s bin folder and compile the application on your build machine without installing DevExpress products.

To obtain the list of assemblies required to compile your application, use the Assembly Deployment Tool.

Register Components on a Build Server (For Versions Prior to v15.2.9 and v16.1.3)

If you use a version up to v15.2.9 / v16.1.3, register components on the build server to hide the Trial dialog in your application.

You should register each major version of assemblies you use to compile your project on the build server.

Follow the steps below.

  1. Copy the installation file of the version you use to the build server.
  2. Run the file and choose the Registered installation option.

    Register Controls on a Build Server

  3. Enter your credentials and press Log In.

    Register Controls on a Build Server

  4. Ensure that products under your account are not marked Trial and abort the installation. The DevExpress assemblies are already registered on your build server.

    Register Controls on a Build Server

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