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Upgrade to a New Package Version

The topic below describes how to upgrade the client-side DashboardControl to a new version with npm.

The devexpress-dashboard npm package references the devextreme and @devexpress/analytics-core npm packages as peer dependencies. The peer dependencies should be installed and updated manually.


  • The script version on the client should match with libraries version on the server.
  • All installed DevExpress npm packages should have matching versions.

Version Update in package.json

  1. Open the package.json file and specify package versions:
  // ...
  "dependencies": {    
    "@devexpress/analytics-core": "23.1.6",    
    "devexpress-dashboard": "23.1.6",
    "devextreme": "23.1.6",
    "devexpress-dashboard-react": "23.1.6",
    "devextreme-react": "23.1.6"
  1. Install npm packages:
npm install

Version Update in the Command Line

Run the following command:

npm install devexpress-dashboard@23.1.6 devextreme@23.1.6 @devexpress/analytics-core@23.1.6 devexpress-dashboard-react@23.1.6 devextreme-react@23.1.6 --save --save-exact
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