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Member Table: Master Filtering and Drill-Down

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The table below lists members that allow you to configure master filtering and drill-down. To access a dashboard item’s interactivity options, use its InteractivityOptions property.

Member Description
DashboardItemInteractivityOptions.MasterFilterMode Gets or sets the selection mode of the master filter item.
DataDashboardItem.IsMasterFilterCrossDataSource Gets or sets whether filtering applied by this master filter affects dashboard items that display data from other data sources.
DataDashboardItem.IgnoreMasterFilters Obsolete. Gets or sets whether this dashboard item ignores filtering applied by master filters.
DashboardItemInteractivityOptions.IsDrillDownEnabled Gets or sets whether drill-down is enabled.

The following tables list members related to performing interactivity actions.




Lists values that specify the selection mode of the master filter item.



Represent a tuple of axis points.