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Dashboard Data Source Wizard

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The Dashboard Data Source Wizard allows you to create a new data source, a new query or edit the existing queries.

To invoke this wizard, go to the Data Sources page of the dashboard menu and select one of the following actions:

  • Click the Add Data Source button. In the invoked window click Create data source....
  • Click the Add Query button.
  • Click the Edit Query button.

The first page of the wizard allows you to create/edit a query or select a stored procedure. Click the Run Query Builder... button to launch the Query Builder, which allows you to choose the required tables/columns visually and displays the resulting SQL query within the SQL string editor. The image below displays a generated query.


If the SQL query contains query parameters, click Next to configure them.


Click Finish to create a new query. The query is displayed in the field list.


Change Data Source Wizard in Code

The Web Dashboard supports two Data Source Wizard types:

The Web Dashboard uses the DataSourceWizardExtension by default. The code snippet below shows how to enable the other wizard:

dashboardControl.registerExtension(new DevExpress.Dashboard.MultiQueryDataSourceWizardExtension(dashboardControl));

After that the Multi Query Data Source Wizard is invoked when you run the SQL Data Source Wizard to create a new data source.