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Web Dashboard control allows you to group dimension values and display summaries for entire groups rather than individual values. You can arrange dimension values in groups of different sizes by specifying the appropriate group interval. For instance, date-time values can be grouped by year, month, quarter, etc.

To learn more about group intervals, see Grouping.


Note that custom grouping is not supported in OLAP mode.

Changing a Date-Time Group Interval

To learn about supported date-time group intervals, see Grouping.

To specify a date-time group interval in the Web Dashboard, invoke the dashboard item Binding menu and select the required data item. In the Bindings section, select the desired interval from the drop-down Group Interval list.


Changing a Text Group Interval

String values support the following grouping intervals.

No Grouping

Each value is displayed “as is”.


Values are grouped alphabetically.

Example: A, B, C, … Z

To specify a group interval for string values, go to the Data Shaping section of the data item menu.


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