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ResourceBaseCollection.FindAll(Predicate<Resource>) Method

Finds all elements with a predicate match and returns them in a list collection.

Namespace: DevExpress.XtraScheduler

Assembly: DevExpress.XtraScheduler.v18.2.Core.dll


public ResourceBaseCollection FindAll(
    Predicate<Resource> match
Public Function FindAll(
    match As Predicate(Of Resource)
) As ResourceBaseCollection


Name Type Description
match Predicate<Resource>

A predicate method delegate, which returns true if there's a match and the element is found.


Type Description

An ResourceBaseCollection object, representing a collection of items that meets the criteria


The FindAll returns a list of all elements satisfying the criteria expressed in a predicate method. Use it to iterate filtered resources only.

For an example of use see the AppointmentBaseCollection.FindAll description.

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