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PrintingSettings Properties

Enables you to overcome possible issues related to document rendering after migrating to newer versions of XtraReports.
Name Description
AllowMapiModelessDialog static Enables you to display a non-modal Microsoft Outlook dialog before sending a report by email.
MultiColumnDownThenAcrossNewBehavior static Obsolete. For internal use.
PassPdfDrawingExceptions static Enables you to prevent PDF drawing exceptions related to the GDI+ engine from being handled by the DevExpress export engine.
RaiseStartPrintEventAfterPrintDocumentInit static Obsolete. For internal use.
UseGdiPlusLineBreakAlgorithm static
UseNewPdfExport static Enables you to avoid possible issues related to PDF export that you may encounter after upgrading to version 16.1.
UseRichTextFontSubstitution static Specifies whether or not to substitute missing fonts in the Rich Text when a report is exported to HTML.
VerticalContentSplittingNewBehavior static Enables you to make the Pivot Grid width equal to the page width when setting the XtraReport.VerticalContentSplitting property to VerticalContentSplitting.Smart.
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