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SeriesColorizerBase Class

The base class for all colorizers.

Namespace: DevExpress.XtraCharts

Assembly: DevExpress.XtraCharts.v19.1.dll


public abstract class SeriesColorizerBase :

The following members accept/return SeriesColorizerBase objects:


Refer to the Series Colorizer topic for more information about series colorizers.


The following code demonstrates how to implement a custom colorizer that should paint series using a non-predefined algorithm:

class CustomSeriesColorizer : SeriesColorizer {
    List<object> metColors = new List<object>();

    public override Color GetSeriesColor(object seriesKey, Palette palette) {
        int keyIndex;
        if (metColors.Contains(seriesKey)) {
            keyIndex = metColors.IndexOf(seriesKey);
        } else {
            keyIndex = metColors.Count;
        return palette[keyIndex % palette.Count].Color;

    protected override ChartElement CreateObjectForClone() {
        return new CustomSeriesColorizer();
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