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DevExpress.DataAccess Namespace

Contains classes that utilize the most popular approaches to access different data providers.

Assemblies: DevExpress.Data.v19.1.dll, DevExpress.DataAccess.v19.1.dll


Name Description
CustomFilterExpressionEventArgs Provides data for the CustomFilterExpression events.
DataConnectionBase Serves as the base class for classes that represent a data connection.
DataProviderBase Obsolete. Serves as the base class for classes that represent a data provider.
DataSourceParameterBase The base for classes that provide the data source parameter functionality.
DefaultConnectionStringProvider Enables you to resolve connection strings by their names at runtime in .NET Core applications.
Expression An expression assigned to a QueryParameter, EFParameter, or Parameter.
Node<T> A base class that defines a node in a tree-like structure of objects.
ValidateCustomSqlQueryEventArgs Provides data for the SqlDataSource.ValidateCustomSqlQuery event.


Name Description
IDataComponent When implemented by a class, provides basic functionality required by data access components.


Name Description
CustomFilterExpressionEventHandler References a method that will handle CustomFilterExpression events.
ValidateCustomSqlQueryEventHandler References a method that will handle the SqlDataSource.ValidateCustomSqlQuery event.


Name Description
DocumentLoadingBehavior Lists the options that define whether to allow loading object data sources in end-user applications.