Multi-Select enables you to select multiple separate text blocks simultaneously.


Select any text in the editor and press Ctrl + Alt + Enter, to add text to the multi-selection. If nothing is selected, CodeRush attempts to infer a logically complete part of the code based on the caret's position and adds it to the multi-selection. For example, if the caret is on the while keyword, the entire loop block is added. If the caret is at the end of the line, a single line is added to multi-selection.

You can perform the following operations on text blocks selected using the Multi-Select feature:

Operation Shortcut
Copy the multi-selection contents and Clear the selection Ctrl + C
Cut the multi-selection contents Ctrl + X
Delete the multi-selection contents Backspace or Delete
Clear the selection Ctrl + Alt + Backspace
Restore the last multi-selection Ctrl + Alt + Shift + Backspace
Undo the last addition Ctrl + Alt + NumPad Minus
Rendo the last operation Ctrl + Alt + NumPad Plus