This article describes all Context Providers in the Focus group. Refer to the Context Providers article for details on how to access Context Providers from the other groups.


Satisfied when the source code editor has focus.

Supported Languages: All


Satisfied when the form designer has focus.

Supported Languages: All


Position Parameter Description
1 Type The window type of the tool window to test for.

Satisfied when the specified tool window has focus.

The parameter Type accepts one of the following strings.

  • Unknown
  • Autos
  • Browser
  • CallStack
  • CodeWindow
  • ColorPalette
  • Designer
  • Document
  • DocumentOutline
  • Find
  • FindReplace
  • Immediate
  • LinkedWindowFrame
  • Locals
  • MainWindow
  • Output
  • Preview
  • Properties
  • RunningDocuments
  • SolutionExplorer
  • TaskList
  • Threads
  • Toolbox
  • ToolWindow
  • Watch
  • ModalDialog

Supported Languages: All