Navigate and Search in Compiled Code

  • 2 min to read

CodeRush provides the following tools to navigate through the source code of compiled assemblies.


The Decompiler Window allows you to decompile a specific assembly in Visual Studio.

Follow the steps below to navigate through the source code of an assembly.

  • Choose the CodeRush | Windows | Decompiler menu item to open the Decompiler Window.


  • Click the Search button or press F3 to open the search box.


  • Press Search Members and Search Types buttons to include members and types in the search result list.

  • Type a member's name in the search field.


  • Select an item from the result list and press Enter to see the member in the preview.


CodeRush also provides the Standalone Decompiler that allows you to decompile an assembly without involving Visual Studio. The Standalone Decompliler search box is similar to the Decompliler described above. Follow the steps described above to search for symbols in the Standalone Decompiler tool.

Jump To Window

The Jump To Window allows you to navigate to a type or member located in a compiled assembly.

  • Place the caret in any symbol reference.

  • Press Ctrl + Alt + N to invoke the Jump To window.

  • Select Declaration and press Enter.


CodeRush navigates to the declaration of a member/type in the decompiled code.


Enable the F12 Shortcut to Jump to Decompiled Code

  • Select CodeRush\Shortcuts... from the Visual Studio menu to open the Shortcuts options page.


  • Use the search text box on the Shortcuts page to find the F12 shortcut.

  • Select this entry and enable the F12 shortcut in it.


  • Click the OK button to close the options dialog and save the changes.