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Data Editors

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DevExpress Data Editors for Blazor include components that can be used as standalone editors or within the Data Grid edit form.


The Calendar component allows users to select dates and navigate through months, years, decades, and centuries.

DataEditors Landing Calendar|

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The CheckBox component allows users to select yes/no or true/false.

DataEditors Landing CheckBox|

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The ComboBox component displays a drop-down window with a list of predefined items.

DataEditors Landing ComboBox|

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Date Edit

The Date Edit component displays a drop-down calendar that allows users to select dates. The Date Edit can also display a time section to allow users to select time values.

DataEditors Landing DateEdit|

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List Box

The List Box component allows you to display a list of selectable items from a data source.

DataEditors Landing ListBox|

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The Memo component is a multi-line text area that allows users to type and edit text in multiple rows.

DataEditors Landing Memo|

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Spin Edit

The Spin Edit component allows you to display and edit numeric values. Use spin buttons to increment values.

DataEditors Landing SpinEdit|

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The TagBox component allows users to select multiple items (tags) from a drop-down list. Users can also type in the edit box to filter list items that contain the search string.

DataEditors Landing TagBox|

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Text Box

The Text Box is a single-line text editor.

DataEditors Landing TextBox|

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Time Edit

The Time Edit component displays a drop-down time picker. A user can enter the time into the text box or pick it in the drop-down window.

DataEditors Landing TimeEdit

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