MVCxClientUtils.FinalizeCallback Method

Loads service resources (such as scripts, CSS files, etc.) required for DevExpress functionality to work properly after a non DevExpress callback has been processed on the server and returned back to the client.


static FinalizeCallback(): void


The client FinalizeCallback method can be used if it is required to forcibly load DevExpress-related service resources (such as scripts and CSS files).

In previous versions, a call to this method was required for DevExpress functionality to work properly when an external callback (that was not initiated by a DevExpress extension and is not related to the DevExpress functionality) returned from the server back to a View (that contains DevExpress extensions amongst its content). Note that starting from version 2012 vol.1, DevExpress service resources are loaded automatically when an AJAX form sends AJAX requests using jQuery or Microsoft scripts. So, a manual call to the FinalizeCallback method is not required.

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