MVCxClientUtils.GetSerializedEditorValuesInContainer(containerOrId) Method

Returns values of editors placed in the specified container.


static GetSerializedEditorValuesInContainer(
    containerOrId: any,
    processInvisibleEditors?: boolean
): any


Name Type Description
containerOrId any

A container of editors, or its ID.

processInvisibleEditors boolean

true to process both visible and invisible editors that belong to the specified container; false to process only visible editors.


Type Description

An object containing pairs of editor names and values.


The GetSerializedEditorValuesInContainer method allows you to send values of DevExpress editors to the server side using an Ajax request. The GetSerializedEditorValuesInContainer method creates a table containing editorName - editorValue pairs, which can be bound to a model in a controller.

     data: MVCxClientUtils.GetSerializedEditorValuesInContainer(formId),
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